Costa Rican Tarruzu Linda Vista Natural Micro Lot


This Central American bean is grown at an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The coffee undergoes a natural process and it is sun dried on patios. The harvest season is from December to March.

Alexis Badilla Cruz is the owner of Linda Vista finca or farm and he is the 4th generation of his family to produce coffee. Along with coffee, Alexis produces oranges and other types of citrus to supplement his family's income. Over the past few years, the ASOPROAAA cooperative micro mill has been working with Alexis to provide him technical assistance which in turn has helped him produce a better and more consistent yield.

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Raspberry, strawberry, lime and dark chocolate notes.

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Weight 12 oz
Coffee Grind

Whole Bean, Percolator, French Press, Drip, Fine, Espresso, Turkish Grind