Rogue Elephant

The inception of Rogue Elephant Coffee Roasting Company began in 2007. Initially, it started off as a hobby. The equipment was very simple and it consisted of a pan, a wooden spoon and a camping burner. Throw in some green coffee beans and a passion for coffee, and the hobby soon evolved into an official coffee roasting business.

Today, we still do small-batch roasting using a 6 pound roaster. From time to time, you’ll find us going back to our roots and doing an occasional pan roast.

Great coffee begins with quality beans so we take the time to learn about what’s available before making our selection. Additionally, on each coffee bag, you’ll find a roast date because we think freshness matters.

At Rogue Elephant, our goal is for you to enjoy a cup of fresh, roasted coffee that tastes amazing.



Will and Renee