Coffee roasting company
Until we have an online shopping cart, here's how you can order coffee:
1. Email us at
2. Call us at 757.589.3921
        3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@RogueElephantVA) to find out which farmers market  
            we'll be at each weekend.

The price of our coffee is $10 per twelve ounce bag.  Please indicate if you would like your coffee whole bean or ground.  If you would like your coffee shipped to you, we use USPS flat rate shipping.  Thanks for visiting our page!


Sumatra Mandheling
Earthy and spicy with sweet tobacco and wine notes.  Chocolate finish.  Low acidity with medium body.  Well-balanced, clean cup.

Sumatra Lintong
Complex cup with sweet berry notes and bright acidity.

Papua New Guinea (Organic)
Savory cup with broad acidity and creamy body.


Brazil Natural Fazenda Lagoa (Rainforest Alliance Certified)
Sweet, nutty chocolate notes.  Good body with rounded acidity.  Sweet aroma.



Ethiopian Amaro Natural (Organic)
Nice complex cup with hints of citrus and honey.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Fair Trade/Organic)
Bright cup, tea-tike acidity and lime notes.  Medium body.

Ethiopian Natural Mokamba
Fruity cup with blueberry notes.  Clean and flavorful with medium acidity.


Guatemalan El Carmen Estate
Chocolate and berry notes.  Broad acidity with creamy, smooth body.  Long, sweet aftertaste.  Well-balanced cup.


Critical Mass Espresso

A dark roasted blend of specially selected beans to capture a heavy, smooth, sweet, and complex shot (or two) to get your day started!

Brogden Blend
A classic, regional blend of South American, African and Indonesian coffees which capture a smooth, sweet, complex and bright cup.



Mexican Mountain Water Process DECAF (Organic)
Clean cup with chocolate notes.  Chemical-free decaffeination process using Mountain Water Process.

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